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Dr Andy Brown’s top tips for employee engagement #5

Many companies make the assumption that reward is all-important, but that’s rarely the case. The softer side of how you make people feel about your company can have a huge effect on whether people are engaged. If a particular employee has gone the extra mile in any way, a quiet word in their ear, a…

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Leading a change programme? Coaching a leader?

Top Business Psychology Models – Stefan Cantore and Jonathan Passmore Free of jargon this great little book is a must read for anyone seeking to transform behaviours in the work place to improve performance. Cantore and Passmore walk you through the top 50 most useful theories including pithy chapters on: Emotional Intelligence, How to create…

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Dr Andy Brown’s top tips for employee engagement #4

Collaborative leadership is a strong theme in almost every conversation I’m having with CEOs and Board directors at the moment. We encourage leaders to listen, ask questions and go out among the people to find out about their jobs and lives. A leader who can walk into a room full of front line employees and…

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