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Employee experience: striving for integrated and contextual measurement

A truly integrated employee experience has been the holy grail for many organisations for a number of years now. Being able to track an individual employee’s lifecycle from their initial contact with the organisation through to their exit – and possibly beyond – could add tremendous value to our pursuit of predictive, smart HR data.…

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Our method: Engagenomics

How are we different to all other employee engagement companies?   Get in touch if you would like us to help your organisation – Click Here

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Reviewing the critics: why does employee engagement stir up such emotion?

Engagement surveys elicit strong emotions. A recent article in the FT questions the purpose and credibility of engagement surveys, based on the first-hand experience of journalist Pilita Clark.   The article itself is reasonably balanced and points to some big queries about the ‘right’ way to measure engagement – 15 minutes for a survey is…

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