A Day in the Life: Running a well-oiled machine

Every day in the ENGAGE office is different in my role as Business Manager. I’m often told I’m the glue that keeps the company together and this is something I’m really proud of – even when I’m keeping multiple balls in the air!


I’ve worked at ENGAGE for almost three years now, during which time my role has grown and evolved considerably. Predominantly, I look after the day-to-day running of the business, which in our small (but perfectly formed!) team involves everything from looking after diaries and arranging travel to liaising with clients and delivering a range of marketing activities.


The multi-tasking and project management skills I learnt in my role before I joined ENGAGE have proved invaluable and provided a great foundation for my career today. I worked for two of the biggest music festivals in Europe, which involved a huge amount of juggling, slick organisational skills and, perhaps most importantly, a level-headed and calm approach to tight deadlines!


This experience has made managing our somewhat hectic schedule of meetings and travel plans at ENGAGE quite a lot easier: our recent series of trips to client meetings across eight European cities in a two-week period relied heavily on my ability to handle a lot of moving parts at once.


Liaising with clients for meetings and events takes my skills further and gives me a full view of all the goings-on in our business. This part of my role allows me to ensure everyone has everything they need to deliver the best service to our clients, and that clients themselves are always well looked-after. This is, I believe, a unique opportunity that I get from being part of a small but very close team – ENGAGE is a very welcoming and inclusive space to work, and gives each member of the team the best opportunities to grow and develop their skills, rather than being pigeon-holed into certain roles.


A large part of my role, and one that I really enjoy and take great pride in, is when I’m wearing my marketing hat. I run our website and all social media channels, and design all our marketing material and collateral. This means I’m able to put my creative flair to good use, working within our brand guidelines to create exciting, engaging materials for web, social, email and event campaigns.


I’m encouraged by Andy and Sarah to undertake training courses to continue the development of my design skills, and this is probably my favourite part of the job. Working closely with our content marketing team, I create, manage and deliver plans for launching marketing material, the most recent example being a two-minute animation developed as a simple, bite-size ‘what we do’ information video. This has been a highly rewarding project and something that we’re increasing our focus on as part of our corporate marketing strategy.


The daily running’s of the business also include HR, IT, finance and general office support – you could say I’m a master of all trades! I ensure everything in our office is running as smoothly as possible to enable the team to complete their daily tasks without any hiccups. Because this really is such an open and inclusive place to work, I thoroughly enjoy looking after the team and do everything I can to make their lives as easy as possible (although I draw the line at taking in people’s laundry….)


Of course, if we only focused on the hard work we do, we might be a pretty dull bunch. Luckily, by far the most fun part of my job is organising our social events: as a team we’re very close and good friends. Practicing what we preach is invaluable to how we work as a team, and how we ourselves enjoy coming to work.


We make sure we spend dedicated time together outside of the office twice a year (with plenty of informal socialising in the meantime!), undertaking an ‘extraordinary’ activity to bond us a team. Last year, we spent three hours kayaking down the Thames from Vauxhall to Greenwich. It was a fantastic success and arranging a great day out for a team as a thank you for everyone’s hard work and to celebrate our wins is hugely rewarding for me.


I feel incredibly lucky to work for ENGAGE. I’m proud of the work we do as a company as well as the individuals in the team. They are all such smart, driven, interesting and interested people and I am lucky to work with those who support and encourage me to be the best employee and colleague I can be.


I can honestly say that we have created the type of positive, rewarding employee experience in our own office that we work hard to deliver for our clients – and I look forward to supporting the team to do more of the same as we continue to grow and develop.


By Kate Ford
Business Manager