A Day in the Life: Working with our clients

I’ve worked at ENGAGE for nearly three years, having started out as a fresh-faced intern while studying for an MSc in Organisational Behaviour. As soon as my course was completed, I became a fully-fledged research executive here, working primarily within the engagement practice area. I’m now a senior research executive, leading the delivery of research and consulting to our clients.


My story from the beginning is very similar to George’s . While I started my career at ENGAGE tasked with programming surveys, generating reports and carrying out quantitative and qualitative analysis – giving me great insight into the complexities of the employee engagement landscape –I was also quickly exposed to all stages of project work, including those in the areas of leadership and internal communications.


I was invited to join client meetings early on, too, giving me the chance to grow my knowledge and develop my capabilities much more quickly than I’d be able to do in many other organisations. Attending executive level presentations, facilitating focus groups and taking part in constructing results analysis summaries for executive teams allowed me to become entrenched, first-hand, in the strategic drivers behind the work I was doing.
Critically, all of the face-to-face client meetings I was involved in from the beginning have helped me to understand and implement the ‘working backwards’ approach we have to our clients – we carefully assess their needs and objectives before creating a programme tailored just for them.


A great example of this is our long-term leadership programme with a global provider of working capital solutions, based out of the UK. Initially, I focused on the research and project management aspects of the programme, helping to build and administer 360-feedback tools and developing summaries and analysis of individual personality profiles.


This in itself delivered us with really detailed insight into the traits, skills and behaviours of the client’s senior team – critical in informing the key steps in our strategy for leadership development and employee engagement.


As my involvement with the leadership part of our business has increased, so has my opportunity to meet and collaborate with the client team at this organisation, as well as many of our other clients across the UK, Europe and the US. Facilitating multi-day, offsite events for these clients’ leadership teams has been particularly enlightening, providing the best environment in which we help them to pinpoint the strengths and challenges of their teams and the individuals involved – as well as allowing my own development as a research and consulting professional.


What all of the activities I’m involved with have in common is a level of exposure and experience that I’d never have been afforded elsewhere – a testament to the trust that ENGAGE places in its people, and the trust our clients place in ENGAGE.


By Michael Frantl
Senior Research Executive