We’re passionate about performance through engagement

We achieve it through our Engagenomics® framework:

Engagenomics Framework

What is Engagenomics®?

  • We begin by understanding your strategic business objectives. These could include growth, better customer service or retaining talent.
  • We know there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach, so we work with you to assess what engaged people should look like in your organisation in order to achieve these objectives.
  • We dig deep to discover what drives engagement in your organisation. Does leadership, communication or management style have the biggest impact on engagement? And which aspects of those really matter?
  • We help you to design engagement initiatives that will most effectively improve on your engagement drivers. This could mean creating leadership development programmes; coaching managers to become more effective and engaging in their roles; or designing better internal communications strategies.
  • We then measure the impact of engagement on your business outcomes. We integrate your engagement survey data with key performance indicators such as labour turnover, talent retention, customer satisfaction and loyalty, profitability and growth. This helps to assess and prove your ‘return on engagement’.

Your Engagement Universe®

Your Engagement Universe

Engagement needs to happen at every level in your business. It’s not just an HR initiative; it’s a business imperative. To create it, you need to work across all aspects of what we call your Engagement Universe®.

To bring this to life, we believe you need to work on three aspects of engagement:


Use research and analytics to assess how engaged your people are and what drives engagement among your people.


Create an incisive, business-focused engagement strategy to ensure you drive performance across the organisation.


Use high-impact engagement solutions to achieve your business ends.


Across every area of your organisation, we can help you to:

Engage leaders

Your leaders must be engaged with the strategy and direction of the business and be actively encouraging other people to deliver on your objectives.

Engage managers

Your people managers must be setting clear objectives for those working in the organisation and motivating them to achieve.

Engage employees

Your people must be motivated to perform and committed to your long-term success. They should act as advocates for both your company as an employer and for your products, brands or services.

Engage with customers

Your employees must be focused on engaging your customers or clients: putting themselves in the customer’s shoes, acting on customer feedback and delivering great service.

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