Making Diversity a Business Reality

On 5th October, we’ll be joining the teams at executive search firm Ennis and Co and AutoTrader to discuss ‘Making Diversity a Business Reality’. With issues such as the gender pay gap and workplace discrimination making a regular appearance in the news, this event couldn’t be more timely.

Our discussions, though, will go much deeper than these headline grabbing themes. Instead, we’ll be looking at the barriers organisations face – whether self-imposed or external – when creating an inclusive workplace; the priority that businesses are placing on diversity; and the commitment from both senior leadership teams and employee groups to creating a truly inclusive environment.

We’ve also run a survey to tie in with the event that seeks to understand more clearly where business stand today in the drive towards diversity.

Early results show that, broadly, progress is ‘ok’ but certainly not ‘great’ – so we’ll be assessing what activities are highest on the agenda for the majority of organisations going forward, and what elements they believe will have the most impact when building the foundations of a diverse and inclusive business.

Of course, diversity is a complex issue that touches many aspects of a business. Talent attraction and retention, and customer service and satisfaction are the two most obvious areas of impact, but businesses need to look beyond these if they’re to get a proper measure of diversity’s effect.

Research shows that organisational cultures in which all voices count increase collaborative working and perform better. What’s more, diverse Silicon Valley businesses are proving more successful than their under-representative counterparts.

Diversity and inclusion is no longer simply an argument about equality and fairness. The focus is now firmly on the need to embrace difference to create multi-skilled, multi-functional teams who can deliver much more than a group of like-minded individuals. It will be interesting to see how this attitude is reflected by the attendees next week.

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