Task force, engage!

27th November 2012 | Employee Engagement

At last, the Government has woken up to the fact that employee engagement is a vital part of a business’s…

Dr Andy Brown’s top tips for employee engagement #1

9th November 2012 | Employee Engagement

Engagement is a business issue, so everyone needs to be behind it, including leaders at all levels, right down to…

When it comes to engagement, remember your leaders

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So you think engagement as an HR or communications issue? Then think again. Engagement is a business issue. Which means…

How will Osborne’s employee ownership idea affect engagement?

11th October 2012 | Employee Engagement

George Osborne’s speech at this week’s Conservative party conference re-ignited discussions around an employee ownership scheme. Increased employee ownership seems,…

Engage recommends… #1

3rd October 2012 | Leadership

Dr Andy Brown explains why ‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins is one of his top books of all time.