Driving Store-Level Growth Via Colleague Engagement

We helped a FTSE 100 UK retailer to increase store-level financial growth and reduced staff turnover.

The challenge

Engage helped this retailer to redefine engagement in their organisation around three strategic challenges.

This retailer already took engagement seriously and was getting relatively high survey scores; however, scores had been flat for several years and engagement levels needed to improve again to address:

  1. reducing labour turnover rates (a huge absolute cost to the business)
  2. improving customer satisfaction and loyalty in an increasingly competitive retail market, and
  3. driving year-on-year growth at store level (its key promise to investors).

The retailer’s challenge was to move ‘from good to great’ around engagement.

Role of engagement

We helped this retailer redefine engagement from a pure focus on the organisation being:

‘A great place to work’


‘A great place to work, plus a great place to perform and a great place for customers to shop’

Programme and initiatives

So, how did we support this organisation to become greater? Firstly, we designed a programme and tools that put driving customer satisfaction through improved colleague engagement right at the heart of the business. This is how we did it.

Engagement surveys

We designed a bespoke, simple and more business-focused questionnaire for the retailer’s regular employee engagement survey which reaches 150,000 colleagues. This produced more focused reports and action planning documents.

Online measuring tool

​We created and implemented a contextualised online measurement tool. This platform enabled the retailer to gather more frequent employee engagement feedback. The qualitative and quantitative colleague panel data helped identify key behavioural drivers, based around the organisation’s definition of engagement.

The panel also enabled company-wide dialogue, including quick-poll surveys, regular monthly tracking of engagement levels and user-driven research tools. The online scheme encouraging employees to make improvement suggestions direct to the CEO helped to keep the top and front-line of the organisation connected, by giving front-line colleagues the opportunity to help improve the organisation for employees and customers alike.

The results

Overall, we helped to increase store-level financial growth and reduced staff turnover by keeping colleagues engaged with the retailer’s strategic focus on customers and the business growth plan.

To find out what specific results our work with this retailer achieved, please get in touch.

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