Helping your organisation drive business performance through your people

The engagement of your employees has a direct impact on the success of your organisation.

By assessing and improving the engagement of your employees, we help you create a stronger corporate culture and enhance business performance.

We drive organisational outcomes using innovative, data-driven programmes that deliver actionable insight – identifying and implementing the best employee engagement steps for your organisation, based on your specific strategy and goals.


It is no longer enough to survey your employees once a year through a generic employment survey.

True employee engagement happens as the result of continuous listening, through a carefully designed programme that gathers and analyses qualitative feedback, not just statistics.


We help your organisation analyse and interpret what your employees are telling you, for one part or all of your overall engagement strategy.

We have a wealth of tools at our disposal to achieve this, from predictive analytics and segmentation to high impact reporting and best practice reviews.


Engaging your employees doesn’t simply happen. You need a strategic, long-term plan that aligns everyone to the goals and values of your business.

We work with you to design a tailored employee engagement strategy, encompassing action planning and target setting, that harnesses the full potential of your workforce to effectively reach your corporate objectives.


We work as closely with you as you need to implement specific engagement solutions that directly support your leadership, communications and strategic goals.

Using bespoke, tailored analytics, reporting and capability building tools, we ensure your employee engagement programme fits with the needs of your business – with regular reviews to ensure actions remain relevant as it evolves.

Gathering insight

We use survey solutions from a select number of best-of-breed technology partners to gather detailed employee engagement research data – providing the evidence on which we can create a targeted engagement programme for your organisation.

Smart analytics

We don’t drown you in data. Instead, we apply proven analytics techniques to identify and test your strategic priorities for engagement, segment employee groups, and pinpoint the key drivers that will achieve your desired goals.

Action planning

We create and implement detailed action planning strategies that allow your managers to take decisive action to increase the engagement of their teams, based on clear data. We also work with senior teams to ensure they embed the strategic engagement plan across your organisation over the long term.

Best practice

Your desired outcomes happen more quickly when best practices are embedded throughout your organisation. We help you identify what long-term best practice looks like – and implement this in a structured way across your business.

People strategy

Today’s employees want to engage with work in much the same way as they engage socially and personally. We help you implement and adjust engagement processes and channels to meet the needs and expectations of your workforce – and to suit the increasingly digital nature of all interactions.

Your Blueprint

For every engagement programme we undertake, we deliver a unique ‘Engagement Blueprint’.

Tailored to your organisation and the nuances of your employee groups, this blueprint is a strategic and tactical development plan that pinpoints the action required to increase engagement and drive organisational success.

Your Engagement Blueprint allows you to measure employee engagement ROI on its own, and in relation to wider organisational data and KPIs.

Greensill Capital

Improving leadership effectiveness to support business growth and maturity

Moss Bros

Providing insight for leaders and managers during a period of transformational business change


Re-focusing employee engagement to reflect today’s business needs

Greensill Capital

Brief Overview

Greensill Capital is a rapidly growing financial services firm specialising in working capital solutions. To support its fast pace of growth and ensure leadership behaviours are closely aligned with its expansion, Greensill selected ENGAGE to conduct an executive coaching programme. This included a series of leadership assessments, one-to-one interviews and the creation of personal development plans for each executive. The results are improved teamwork, increased collaboration across functions and geographies and better organisational communication.

Moss Bros

Brief Overview

For 165 years, Moss Bros has specialised in quality tailoring for generations of men. In more recent times, the company has undergone dramatic change to ensure it keeps pace with the demands of today’s fashion-conscious shoppers.

As part of this transformation, ENGAGE worked with Moss Bros to provide intelligence regarding the organisation’s leadership, management and people processes. A branded survey was put in place to capture insight about the impact that leadership and staff engagement have on business results. Analysis from the programme has provided actionable data showing where Moss Bros needs to focus on softer behaviours in order to boost performance.


Brief Overview

BT is one of the world’s leading communications services companies, delivering fixed-line telephone services, broadband, mobile and TV products and services, as well as networked IT services. The organisation has run a comprehensive employee survey for many years, which has always been widely used and continually delivers high response rates.

BT employed ENGAGE to review the survey to ensure its employee engagement programme was fit for purpose and aligned with the needs of the business today. Through a combination of statistical analysis, stakeholder interviews and focus groups, ENGAGE worked with BT to re-design the programme to meet current needs. While still in its infancy, the revised programme is already having a positive impact and is now strongly related to BT’s customer-focused values.

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