Tailored leadership effectiveness programmes that meet your strategic goals

Individual leaders and leadership teams that work dynamically together are best placed to deliver sustainable business success.

But ensuring your leaders have the right mix of capabilities, behaviours, teamwork and communications skills is hard to achieve.

We help you boost business performance and drive positive results by measuring and improving the effectiveness and impact of your leadership team – individually and collectively.

Leadership Effectiveness Modelling

Knowing where to improve leadership starts with understanding what your business is trying to achieve.

We use our own, bespoke assessment and modelling techniques to analyse the effectiveness of your individual leaders and the dynamic of your leadership team.

Individual Leadership Development

Personal development doesn’t stop when individuals become leaders.

We offer a mix of individual on-boarding, coaching and upskilling programmes that build on the strengths of individuals, as well as identifying areas for development.

This ensures your leaders are in the best position to deliver against business goals and tackle change – whether they’re new to the team or seasoned executives.

Leadership Team Development

The success of your leadership team relies on how well individual capabilities and skills blend together.

We deliver a range of team coaching, collaborative learning and communications strategy programmes that align the unique dynamic of your leadership team to the specific objectives of your organisation.


We always start with the facts. So we use leadership assessment tools to understand the capabilities and behaviours of individual leaders and your leadership team – and to identify where your organisation wants to be.

Development strategy

Our assessment data provides the evidence on which we can build a completely bespoke development strategy for leadership, focusing on individuals and the collective group.

We don’t deliver an off-the-shelf package for you to follow. Instead, we provide a targeted action plan outlining the key steps your individuals or your team need to follow to achieve specified goals.

Coaching programmes

Coaching can deliver measurable benefits at every stage of an individual leader’s career, and throughout the tenure of your entire leadership team.

We deliver a range of individual and team coaching programmes, all designed to develop the critical skills, behaviours and communications strategies needed to achieve corporate goals, manage change or drive new initiatives.

Your Blueprint

For every individual executive and team we work with, we produce a unique ‘Leadership Blueprint’.

Tailored to your organisation and the skills and challenges of your individuals, this Blueprint is a strategic and tactical development plan that pinpoints the action required to drive leadership effectiveness and organisational success.

Your Leadership Blueprint allows you to measure leadership ROI on its own, and in relation to wider engagement data and organisational KPIs.

Greensill Capital

Improving leadership effectiveness to support business growth and maturity

Moss Bros

Providing insight for leaders and managers during a period of transformational business change


Re-focusing employee engagement to reflect today’s business needs

Greensill Capital

Brief Overview

Greensill Capital is a rapidly growing financial services firm specialising in working capital solutions. To support its fast pace of growth and ensure leadership behaviours are closely aligned with its expansion, Greensill selected ENGAGE to conduct an executive coaching programme. This included a series of leadership assessments, one-to-one interviews and the creation of personal development plans for each executive. The results are improved teamwork, increased collaboration across functions and geographies and better organisational communication.

Moss Bros

Brief Overview

For 165 years, Moss Bros has specialised in quality tailoring for generations of men. In more recent times, the company has undergone dramatic change to ensure it keeps pace with the demands of today’s fashion-conscious shoppers.

As part of this transformation, ENGAGE worked with Moss Bros to provide intelligence regarding the organisation’s leadership, management and people processes. A branded survey was put in place to capture insight about the impact that leadership and staff engagement have on business results. Analysis from the programme has provided actionable data showing where Moss Bros needs to focus on softer behaviours in order to boost performance.


Brief Overview

BT is one of the world’s leading communications services companies, delivering fixed-line telephone services, broadband, mobile and TV products and services, as well as networked IT services. The organisation has run a comprehensive employee survey for many years, which has always been widely used and continually delivers high response rates.

BT employed ENGAGE to review the survey to ensure its employee engagement programme was fit for purpose and aligned with the needs of the business today. Through a combination of statistical analysis, stakeholder interviews and focus groups, ENGAGE worked with BT to re-design the programme to meet current needs. While still in its infancy, the revised programme is already having a positive impact and is now strongly related to BT’s customer-focused values.

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