People Analytics

People AnalyticsThere is a lot of talk about “HR Big Data” at the moment, but we have been working with HR data for years.

We call it people research and smart analytics. Why smart? Because there is so much data it is important to work out what to use and more importantly what not to.

Our experts work in three main areas but work across the full spectrum of HR data:

  • Leadership
    • From Executive interviews to Team dynamics
  • Engagement
    • From employee engagement surveys to management workshops
  • Communication
    • From IC channel audits to EVP assessments and social business analytics

Our core methodologies include quantitative surveys (annual, Pulse, tracking), qualitative research (focus groups, depth interviews), as well as leader, manager and employee panels. We also conduct secondary analysis of your existing data.

Key to all our research and analytics engagements is linking Engagement outcomes to business drivers. So we also provide key driver and strategic priority analysis plus RoE – Return on Engagement analysis that links engagement directly to the bottom line.

And finally, to make sure you can access key information quickly and efficiently we provide streamlined data reporting, infographics and dashboards.

To learn more or to book an exploratory conversation with one of our experts, get in touch.

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